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The League of  Extraordinary Athletes

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Recent Awards

All-America Awards

60H Meters: 2018 (W) 1st NATIONAL RECORD AAU 11-12 Girls
60 Meters: 2018 (W)
400-Meter Hurdles: 2018 (W) 2
4x400-Meter Relay: 2018 (2 x W), 

USATF Junior Olympics 2018

1 USATF National Championship Title 4x400 (W)400h 2018 (W) 2nd

VHSL State Championships
55 Meters: 2018 (W) Runner Up
100 Meters: 2018 (W) 3rd, 5th and 7th
200 Meters: 2018 (W) 3rd, 7th, 8th
300 Meters: (W) 4th 400 Meters: (W) 2nd, 5th 500 Meters: (W) 2nd, 3rd 4x400-Meter Relay (W) 8th

About The League Inc.,

The League was created on the premise of providing a support system student-athletes and warriors can utilize as they progress through life. We are a global organization consisting of outstanding student-athletes, warriors, families, and professionals from various athletic backgrounds.


Our mission is simple:  to redefine the facets of competition by setting goals to reach and maintain in pursuance of strong athletics, rigorous academics, and an optimal sense of self-awareness.  And with the assistance of our concierge services, our current and former League of Extraordinary Athlete members have achieved extraordinary levels of achievement.